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  • Autumn brings a blaze of colour to streets and parks in Tenterfield

  • St. Mary's Cathedral

  • The Splendid Courthouse

  • Deloraine Bed and Breakfast. A fine sandstone building. It was once intended to be a synagogue.

  • Tenterfield Post Office. Built in 1881 by the McGauran Bros

  • Jubilee Park Rotunda

  • Rouse Street Tenterfield. Looking North along the main commercial street in Tenterfield, part of the Bruxner Highway

  • The Tenterfield saddler. George Woolnough, was immortalised by his grandson, Peter Allen, in his song, "The Tenterfield Saddler".

  • Stannum House. A grand mansion built by 19th Century mining magnate John Holmes Reid

  • Tenterfield Railway Station. One of the finest railway museums in Australia, Tenterfield Railway Station is a fine example of Victorian grandeur

About Tenterfield

Tenterfield is situated on the New England Highway, 18kms south of the Queensland border. Nestled in a valley atop the Great Dividing Ranges, the town has an ideal climate; cool summer days and nights, warm winter days with crisp nights, and a very distinct autumn when the many avenues of deciduous trees can be seen in all their beautiful colours.

Centrally situated, Brisbane is a three-hour drive, Byron Bay two and a half hours, Armidale two hours, and Sydney a comfortable 10 hours away. Tenterfield boasts a lifestyle that is the envy of many tourists and visitors with the town being a service centre for many beef cattle and wool producing farms, backed by orchards, a blossoming wine industry and strong tourist activity.

A strong sense of history exists with links to many National characters. Sir Henry Parkes gave his maiden Federation speech in Tenterfield which led to the town being known as "The Birthplace Of Our Nation", with hopes at one time of becoming Australia's capital.

  • Captain Thunderbolt (alias Fred Ward) plied his trade as a bushranger in the area
  • Major J F Thomas who defended Harry " The Breaker" Morant was resident here
  • Banjo Patterson was married in a Tenterfield church
  • Peter Allen the entertainer was born here, grandson of The Tenterfield Saddler, the main character in his beautiful song.

These are just some of the better-known people who have helped form the character of this lovely town.

Major commercial opportunites exist in Tenterfield due to its location and access to major cities, a stable workforce and the extremely reasonable price of real estate. There are many properties in the budget price range that are ideal for investment.

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